Have you been hurt?

Have you been hurt? Chances are, you probably have. But it’s not okay to stay hurt. Because that’s unforgiveness, and it’s like drinking poison and expecting the other guy to die – it’s eating your lunch. God doesn’t want you to hurt anymore! Forgiveness is the only way to cut the chain of hurt and bitterness so you can be free. This book shares not only “the whys” of forgiveness, but also how to forgive, even in the toughest situation. Using scripture paired with personal stories from years of pastoral care, it presents an easy-to-understand, three-step solution for unforgiveness, one that will bring you freedom, even if you’ve tried to forgive before and failed.

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“If you’ve been hurt, the stories and scriptures you’ll read here can help your heart to heal through the power of forgiveness. Karen writes with compassion and clarity. I highly recommend this book.”

- Lynne Hammond
Pastor Living Word Christian Center, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota Author of “Devotions for the Praying Heart” and “The Master is Calling” lynnehammond.org

“I am happy to recommend another fabulous book about real life issues by my friend, Karen Jensen Salisbury! We all need help forgiving when someone does us wrong. This book tells you how to do it, with inspiring personal stories and easy-to-understand biblical truths. Karen's open and engaging writing style makes this a life-changing read. Everyone needs this book!”

- Beth Jones
Pastor Valley Family Church, Kalamazoo, Michigan Author of “The Basics with Beth” thebasicswithbeth.com

“Forgiveness is one of the most powerful and under-used forces on the face of the earth. It can unlock the doors of the penitentiary of the past where the chains of bitterness keep you from making progress in every area of your life. In her latest work, Karen Jensen Salisbury has captured the true essence of this very personal issue. "I Forgive You, But…" is a must-read for all those who need to be set free.

- Matt & Kendal Hagee,
Pastor Cornerstone Church Stars
Author of ‘The Difference’ show

“Karen is definitely qualified to write on this vitally important topic of forgiveness, and I recommend this book highly.  Learning to walk in forgiveness will release you from emotional baggage, physical maladies, and introduce you to an abundant joy.   
- Rachel Burchfield
Pres. Texas Bible Institute Author of “Miracle Moments”  burchfield.org

“I love Karen's heart to give people knowledge on how to live the God kind of life. This book will show you how to forgive people and keep you in a great place to live in peace and happiness. It will change your life!”

- Sandy Scheer
Pastor Guts Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma  gutschurch.com

“Have you ever been wounded by someone who should know better?  You are in good company. Countless people have been hurt, and millions more are suffering from the debilitating effects of harboring bitterness and resentment.  In this powerful book, Karen Jensen Salisbury takes the reader on a powerful journey of hope, healing, and recovery.  You don’t have to remain “stuck” -- instead, you can live a life of freedom and victory.  Apply the powerful nuggets of truth found in this work in live your best life NOW!”

- Dr. Kynan Bridges
Pastor Grace & Peace Church, Tampa, Florida Author of “Unmasking The Accuser” and “The Power of Prophetic Prayer”

“Heartbreak can come in like a thief. It can steal the breath from your lungs, strip your last ounce of hope and withdraw you into dark places you never saw yourself. If that’s you, then a book on forgiveness may be the last book you want to invest your time in. However, with a combination of practicality and Biblical instructions, Karen lovingly walks you through action thoughts like, "It’s okay to forgive and stay away," which leaves you more capable, stronger and freer.

- Jamie Jones
Speaker and Author of “Rich For Good”  jamiejones.org

"Karen is one of the happiest, emotionally healthiest, and wisest women I know. She writes from both years of helping others, as well as overcoming her own painful life-challenges.  “I Forgive You, But…” is an insightful, inspiring, yet practical read that includes helpful action steps to guide you to your own freedom from emotional pain! I highly recommend it!”

- Rev. Matthew Beemer
International Director

“Sometimes it’s hard to forgive. We want someone to know how badly they’ve hurt us, or we want to see them suffer like we’ve suffered. But God wants to help us to let go of the pain -- and it happens through the power of forgiveness. Karen tells us not only that we should forgive, but why we should and most importantly how to do it. You will be tremendously helped by this book and it can change your life!”    

- Kate McVeigh
President and Founder, Kate McVeigh Ministries Author of “Get Over It” and “The Blessing of Favor”

“There is no greater harm to your life than unforgiveness. This book is filled with the applicable wisdom you need in order to forgive. We’ve known Karen for many years, and she has a wealth of information and first-hand experience as a wife, mother, Pastor, Bible school instructor, and advisor to ministers. The knowledge in this much-needed book will arm you with the tools you need to overcome the deadliness of unforgiveness and walk away free!

- Rod & Rebecca Sundholm
Pastors New Creation Church, Hillsboro, Oregon 

“It’s hard to move forward after being wounded, but not forgiving someone does more damage to you than to the person that did the hurting. Many of us don’t even know where to begin to forgive someone. In Karen’s new book “I Forgive You, But….” you will find the tools to help you to move past the pain so you can step into your purpose. This book will help you discern the root of your un-forgiveness and challenge you to not remain the same.”

- Janet Boynes
President and Founder, Janet Boynes, Ministries Author of “Called Out” and “Arise”

“Has something ever happened in your life that’s left you feeling so hurt, you’ve struggled with forgiving the person?  We can all use help at those times, and this book does just that!  It gives us the tools to help put the anger, feeling of betrayal, or emotional pain we’re feeling behind us…through the power of forgiveness. Karen’s unique way of sharing real-life stories, along with biblical principles, helps us take steps forward to forgive and finally be set free. We know you’ll be so glad you made the time to read this book!

- Tim & Renee Burt
Tim & Renee Burt Ministries, Minneapolis, Minnesota